Masters Review III Reviewed

The Small Press Review reviews The Masters Review III and says this nice thing about my story, “The Turk,” which lives in the Masters Review anthology:

“In just the span of a few pages, The Masters Review manages to transport readers across space and time. In “The Turk,” we meet a 1780s chess master who, for a very long time, played the game from inside a machine—the Turk. Following his career inside the machine, the man resorts to tutoring the rich. Alone for so long, the chess master eventually commits an act that ends his career.  There is directness in the prose that speaks volumes of Andrew MacDonald’s understanding of the human condition. He allows us to pity and revile in equal turns. Nearing the end of his life, the man wonders “how many souls the Turk will have before its death, and what a shame it is that I’ve sold mine to a machine.” MacDonald’s character knows the repercussions of his life and is left, in the waning hours left, to ponder them. He is alone and broken and that comes through beautifully.”

The joke’s on them. I don’t have a soul.

The review’s here.

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