Writings, etc.

Click here to read “Eat Fist!,” winner of a Western Magazine Award for Fiction. First published in EVENT and reprinted in the Journey Prize Stories 22. You can also download this Teacher’s Guide Powerpoint presentation.

Click here to read “The Perfect Man for My Husband,” shortlisted for a National Magazine Award for Fiction, a finalist for the Journey Prize, with a title that’s pretty self-explanatory. You can read a short essay about the genesis of the story here. Both the story and the essay were first published in The New Quarterly.

Click here to read “Progress On a Genetic Level,” a story about a Ukrainian funeral. It was shortlisted for a National Magazine Award for Fiction and was first published in Taddle Creek. The story will also appear in The Journey Prize Stories 28 and is a contender for the 2017 Journey Prize.

Click here to read “Four Minutes,” a story about a brother asked to help his sister, who has an intellectual disability, get laid. It was reprinted in The Journey Prize Stories 26.

Click here to read “Variations on the Theme of Nakedness,” a story about nudists and Diane Arbus. The story was published in Matrix.

Click here to read “Important Things in Miniature,” a story about a crackpot building a model of Hiroshima in his garage and how his two sons deal with him.

Click here to read “Up, Away, Here’ Gone,” a story about people who go missing during a hot air balloon ride.

Click here to read a short write-up about my work space.

Click here to read a blog post I wrote for Shannon Alberta about productivity.

Click here to read my review of Tom McCarthy’s Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish .

Click here to read my review of Harry Karlinsky’s Evolution of Inanimate Objects and A.J. Somerset’s Combat Camera.

Click here to read an interview with The Masters Review.

Click here to read an interview with The National Post.